Student recommendations for online classes

Students at CEDAR love our online classes! Here is what they are saying:

American History is awesome! We have great chapters, and interesting
discussion questions.

Christian S.

I enjoy the class with Mr. Benitez because it isn’t like any
other online class I’ve taken. He engages us in conversations and helps us
better understand history. My favorite part of the class is when we get to do
the discussion questions. The reason why is because we get to ask questions
about the text we read and we also get to answer these questions, which helps me understand the text to
my level. Also if you have a question in the middle of the class you can ask
and he has no problem answering it.

Sofia F.

Regarding the [online] history class, I think it is amazing. I love how we do not just read the material and ask simple questions, but actually go in depth to fully understand the material.
Kristen S.

The discussion type aspect of the classes has allowed me to personally
gather so much more information than I ever would have by just reading the
textbook. It is a challenging course that has pushed me to think deeper
upon the topics we discuss. The primary source reading and class
discussion is an amazing way to see first hand how everything went down.

David B.

This is my first online class and it was absolutely amazing. My favorite
part is being able to participate and interact with each other. The material
is very easy to follow and comprehend.

Gabrielle G.