Conduct Agreement

You are using services and sites of CEDAR. We are family-friendly and we insist that all material on our site and directly linked from it be family-friendly. Accordingly, use of our services constitutes understanding of and agreement to the following:

Parental Oversight. We assume that parents provide sufficient oversight to ensure their students conduct themselves honorably and adhere to these posted standards while they use our site or services. Furthermore, recognizing that our site serves a wide range of ages and backgrounds, we expect that parents will primarily ensure their own kids refrain from any activities they feel are not beneficial to them.

We assume that while using our site and services students will conduct themselves honorably in a manner they would be proud to have associated with their name and their family's name.

Standards. CEDAR considers the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and the first standard for assessing truth and error as well as right and wrong. Academically this means that we evaluate all ideas, opinions, and theories by their conformity with first the Bible and then other provable sources. Specifically, we see the Bible and "science" as complementary and never forced into conflict with one another. Relationally this means that we endeavor to treat one another with kindness and respect, in mutual submission that considers others before ourselves.

Respect and Kindness. An academic setting affords frequent opportunities to consider differing opinions and ideas. We recognize that even within a worldview that sees the Bible as the standard for truth, there is an acceptable conservative range of interpretational opinions and individual applications. We encourage students to present and defend their views and to open-mindedly consider positions other than their own, but we insist that all such interactions be conducted with kindness and respect. We seek to always speak truth in love, remembering that love is patient, kind and gentle. We do not tolerate personal attacks or insults, or any other approach that belittles other people, regardless of their viewpoint.

Integrity and Plagiarism. Unless explicitly approved by the teacher, students must perform all evaluated work individually and must take all exams without referring to a textbook, notes, or other materials. We assume that all work submitted by students is their own original work, except for portions they explicitly attribute to another source. We consider any other submission to be plagiarism or cheating, and we expect parents to provide training and oversight as necessary to prevent such behavior.

Modesty and Decorum. Our classrooms allow young men and women to interact with one another in a variety of ways, we insist students proactively take a conservative approach that reasonably avoids offense to others.

Romance and Flirting. We discourage meetings in which a young man and young woman are alone together, and we request that students actively avoid this scenario.

No smoking, e-cigarettes or vaping permitted. Smoking, e-cigarettes and vaping of any kind, are strictly prohibited at CEDAR. Failure to comply could result in probation or expulsion without refund.

Reporting Problems. We believe that mutual accountability reinforces individual restraint in promoting appropriate standards of behavior. Mutually agreeable standards of behavior are best achieved by all participants gently confronting and reporting problems when they see them. Anyone who finds the behavior of another to be upsetting or offensive should ask the "offender" to cease or modify the behavior. If a direct request proves ineffective in stopping the problem and preventing recurrence, then please report the matter to Beth Brookins or contact When reporting a problem, please provide as much specific information as possible, including the day, time, names of all participants and witnesses, precise words used, and other details regarding the nature of the offense. We investigate all reports that contain sufficient information, and take action on all reports we can substantiate.