How to use E-Checks

How to pay with E-checks

1. Login to your StudyPlace account.

2. Then go to “My Account”

3. Then go to “Manage Payment Methods”

4. Then go to “Add eCheck” Fill out the short form on your computer screen (note; payment has to be made from personal checking only, not business checking. The first number written on the bottom of your personal check is the routing number, the second number is your account number). You will only have to fill it out this form once.

5. Push “Submit or Update Account” on the form.
Then go to “Payment.” Choose the account Nickname you gave your E-Check on the form.

6. Fill out the amount you want automatically deducted from your checking account.

7. Push “Submit and Authorize Payment” and you are done. Once you have filled out the form, you will always have the ability to use Echecks.

Thank you for using CEDAR's Preferred payment method!